Cohen Brothers Coaches: Internationally Ranked Olympians, National Champions, and Irwin’s Methodology / Philosophy.

At Cohen Brothers it begins with Irwin Cohen. The coaching philosophy and methodologies he developed over decades as a competitor and coach, and which he and Steve handed directly to Aaron and RJ, is followed by everyone at Cohen Brothers.

Judo is an Olympic sport. We effectively train students as young as 4. There is not an upward age limit. Beginners are welcome, as are intermediate and advanced students. Professionals come here for training as well.

The lessons taught on the mat and the work ethic, fitness and healthy habits we instill, serve our students well throughout their entire lives, Irwin and Steve Cohen set the mold from our club’s inception. The Olympic Motto is: Citius! Altius! Fortius! It means: Faster! Higher! Stronger! We like it — We live it! Come see!

Cohen Brothers Offers:

  • Effective coaching for ages 4 and up
  • Advanced training classes.
  • Up to date training to the newest rules.
  • Emphasis on competitive strategy.
  • Next to mat competition coaching
  • Periodic seminars for eligible students.
  • Private “one on one” classes available.
  • Individualized custom tailored programs.