Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen


Mr. Steve Cohen, who was one of America’s top judo competitors in the 1970s, came out of retirement in 1988 to compete in the Seoul Olympics. At the age of 33, he was the oldest member of the U.S. judo team. He competed in the heavyweight division and was eliminated in the second round. Cohen then became the head coach for the U.S. Olympic team at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Steve, and his brother Irwin Cohen, were two of the top judo competitors in the United States in the 1970s. Steve won the first of his five National titles in 1974 as a middleweight (Irwin, who was older, moved up from the middleweight class to light-heavyweight so they would avoid direct competition).

Steve also won the middleweight title in 1975, the light-middleweight title in 1977, the light-heavyweight title in 1984, and the heavyweight championship in 1987. In 1986, Cohen captured the silver medal in the heavyweight division at the Goodwill Games. He is currently the CEO Ztrim —

  • Steve Cohen
  • 1216 Sandpiper Court
  • Grayslake, IL 60030
  • (847) 543 – 4990


  • Born: August 29, 1955
  • Status: Married, three children
  • Degree: Shichidan, 7th degree black belt
  • Employment: Director and Head Instructor, Cohen’s Judo Club, CEO Z-Trim Holdings
  • Top Elite Judo Coach in the U.S.


  • 2000: Aaron Cohen Bronze medal Sr. Pan American Championships, Florida
  • 2000: Colleen Rosensteel and Martin Boonzaayer qualify for Olympic Team. Colleen
  • Rosensteel 9th Place Olympic Games. Aaron Cohen Bronze Medal Pan American
  • 1999: Colleen Rosensteel, Bronze Medal Austrian Open, Polish Open, Silver Medal in
    Pan American Games and 7th Place World Championships. Martin Boonzaayer,
    9th Place World Championships. Tony Esposito, Gold Medal Tretori
    Championships, Italy.
  • 1998: Colleen Rosensteel Bronze Medal in Czeck Open and 5th Place in German
  • 1997: Hillary Wolf Gold Medal & Colleen Rosensteel Silver Medal at Austrian Open
  • 1996: Hillary Wolf, Scott Rice & Colleen Rosensteel all Gold Medal winners at U.S
  • 1996: Hillary Wolf to birth on the 1996 Olympic Team in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1995: Hillary Wolf to 5th place finish at the World Championships, Japan
  • 1995: Hillary Wolf became the first U.S. Judo player to win the Jr. World
    Championships in Cairo, Egypt
  • 1984: Robert Berland to the first Silver Medal this country has ever won in the sport of
    judo. Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California
  • 1983: Robert Berland to a third place at the world championships in Moscow, USSR
  • 1982: Robert Berland to a third place at the Kano Cup in Tokyo, Japan


  • 2000 Head Coach Olympic Team Sydney, Australia
  • 2000 Head Coach European Tour Germany & Austria
  • 1999 Head Coach World Championships Birmingham, England
  • 1999 Head Coach European Tour Germany & Austria
  • 1998 Head Coach European Tour France, Austria & Germany
  • 1998 Head Coach Pan Am Championships Santa Domingo, Dom. Rep
  • 1998 Head Coach Kano Cup Tokyo, Japan
  • 1997 Head Coach World Championships Paris, France
  • 1997 Head Coach European Tour Germany & Austria
  • 1996 Head Coach Kano Cup Tokyo, Japan
  • 1996: Head Coach Jr. World Championships Porto, Portugal
  • 1995: Head Coach European Tour Germany and Hungary
  • 1994: Head Coach Jr. World Championships Cairo, Egypt
  • 1993: Head Coach Jr. Pan Am Championships Puerto Rico
  • 1990: Men’s Coach Guido Seini Sardinia, Italy

As a member of both the Jr. and Sr. National coaching staff since 1989 I ran training camps
for elite competitors and intermediate Jrs.
As a National Coach I was part of the staff sent to the 1984 Olympic Games in an unofficial
capacity to coach my individual athlete.


  • 1988: Olympic Games Seoul, Korea +95kg
  • 1988: Olympic Trials Colorado Spgs. +95kg Gold Medal
  • 1987: World Championships Essen, Germany +95kg
  • 1987: U.S. Open Colorado Spgs. +95kg Gold Medal
  • 1987: U.S. Senior Nationals Pittsburgh +95kg Gold Medal
  • 1986: Goodwill Games Moscow +95kg Silver Medal
  • 1986: Rodriguez Cup Cuba +95kg Bronze Medal
  • 1985: World Championships Seoul, Korea +95kg
  • 1985: World Trials Colorado, Spgs. +95kg Gold Medal
  • 1985: Pacific Rim Tokyo, Japan +95kg Bronze Medal
  • 1985: U.S. Senior Nationals, Detroit, +95kg Gold Medal
  • 1977: Maccabiah Games, Israel, 78kg Gold Medal
  • 1977: U.S. Senior Nationals St. Louis, 78kg Gold Medal
  • 1976: Olympic Team Alt. Montreal, 80kg
  • 1976: U.S. Senior Nationals Baltimore, 80kg Silver Medal
  • 1975: World Championships Vienna, Austria 80kg
  • 1975: Pan Am Games Mexico City 80kg Bronze Medal
  • 1975: Pre-Olympics Montreal 80kg Bronze Medal
  • 1975: World & Pan Am Trials Arkansas 80kg Gold Medal
  • 1975: U.S. Senior Nationals Los Angeles 80kg Gold Medal
  • 1974: U.S. Senior Nationals Phoenix 93kg Gold Medal
  • 1973: U.S. Senior Nationals Philadelphia 80kg Bronze Medal
  • 1973: Maccabiah Games Israel 80kg Gold Medal
  • 1972: U.S. High School Champ. Kansas City 80kg Silver Medal
  • 1972: U.S. Jr. Olympics Spokane, Wash. 16yr Gold Medal
  • 1972: U.S. Junior Nationals Chicago 16yr Gold Medal
  • 1971: U.S. Junior Nationals Texas 15yr Silver Medal
  • 1969: U.S. Junior Nationals Denver 13yr. Bronze Medal
  • 1965: U.S. Junior Nationals Chicago 11yr. Silver Medal


  • 1994: U.S. Jr. Olympics Chicago Co- Tournament Director
  • 1998: Sr.National Championships Chicago Co- Tournament Director
  • 1990 – 2004 Midwestern Championships Chicago Tournament Director
  • 2004 USJA Jr. Nationals Chicago Tournament Director


  • 1994: U.S. Jr. Olympics Chicago Head Coach
  • 1998: Sr.National Championships Chicago Head Coach
  • 1998: US Open Colorado Springs Head Coach
  • 1999: US Open Colorado Springs Head Coach


  • 2001 – 2004 Japanese–American Goodwill clinic Head Clinician
  • 1990 – 2000 Many Local and Regional Clinics Technical Clinician
  • 1998: National Coaches Conference Technical Clinician