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Cohen Brothers Special Needs Programs:
A track record of success, & coaches who care.

If you sat in during a special needs Judo lesson you would see kids and adults diagnosed with ADD / HDD and similar conditions, calmly focusing and learning.

You’d also see those afflicted with autism and/or related conditions, completing a throw to their surprised satisfaction and those with other challenges attaining success at something visceral and compelling.

We can’t help every case, but we have a track record of success; so succinctly put: When it works it works well!

The results are increased happiness and confidence, caused by an increased ability to learn and interact, thereby promoting a greater degree of normalcy then these kids had previously experienced.

Programs for the blind and those with other special needs are available as well.

The following is excerpted from an article in the Chicago Tribune — to read the whole article on their site, click here.

Cohen Judo Clubs & Sky High Team Up to Beat Autism

Monday, December 19 2011, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

“The Cohen’s judo program is important and provides similar benefits to the special needs program we’ve implemented at Sky High. In addition to having a ball, kids can develop coordination and fitness.

We look to partner with a local autism organization in every market,” said Jerry Raymond, owner of Sky High Sports located at 6424 Howard St. in Niles. “Training in judo can help special needs kids with motor skill development, balance and focus,” RJ Cohen explained. “My whole family finds working with special needs kids to be incredibly rewarding and we’re looking forward to growing that group with the money raised from this event.” Sky High will donate 100% of the gate from 7pm-10pm on December 19th to the Cohen’s non-profit program.

In the international sport of Olympic Judo, the name “Cohen” translates to “dynasty.” The Cohen family, and the world-class champions they coach, are known internationally for excellence and integrity, both on and off the mat.

If you are the parent, relative or friend of someone with special needs we encourage you to see if our program can benefit the individual you’re thinking of. Here is a quote from Dave Englund owner of Ultimate Fitness Center in Evanston.

Mr. Englund is the Father of a child diagnosed with a severe form of ADHD who was “written off” so to speak by the local school system. “RJ basically saved (my kid’s) life — he proved that he can learn and learn effectively. It’s incredibly huge — He proved what the schools were saying was wrong without a doubt — that my son can’t learn — he can! I can’t say enough about RJ.”
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