Jiu-Jitsu Classes at Cohen Brothers Training Centers

aaron_web_mqdefaultJiu-Jitsu is an incredibly effective fighting art when mastered. However, it is not for the faint of heart. Joint locks, chokes, and strikes are integral to jiu-jitsu. Classes are strenuous, safe, and fun! If you’re bored with your current workout, give martial arts for kids and adults a try.

Advanced, Competition-Based Jiu Jitsu Training for Novice to Elite

Cohen Brothers has a well-deserved international reputation for adhering to the highest ethical standards for jiu-jitsu training. These standards are enforced in every single jiu-jitsu class we teach.

Due to the popularity of several forms of jiu-jitsu in the MMA Universe and the demand from MMA fighters, Cohen Brothers now offers jiu-jitsu training for novice to advanced athletes.

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  • Effective coaching for 16 and over.
  • Advanced training — GI or NO GI.
  • Training in Brazilian and other styles.
  • Emphasis on competitive strategy.
  • Competition coaching available
  • Periodic seminars for eligible students.
  • Private “one on one” classes available
  • Individualized custom tailored programs.