Our new judo program for 3-4 years old is perfect for your child. This class will be twice a week for 45 minutes long. We will concentrate on learning to fall so the kids will never get hurt. Weather it be on the judo mats, playing other sports, walking down the street or just wrestling around with siblings.

We will also focus on a lot of activity from the obstacle course, jumping over cones, doing a lot of speed and agility. The next part of this program is the strength factor. We will work with each kid to improve their push-ups, sit ups and core strength.

We have many games that we have learned throughout the years traveling around the world competing at the highest level to help teach kids to be more aware and use their mind when they play.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or come and try a free class starting January 4th.

Please fill out the “Sign Up” form on our website or contact Aaron at Cohensjudo@gmail.com for details