wahadachi_2015.fw Moments From Wahadachi 2015

On January 25th 2015 Cohen Brothers went to the Annual Wahadachi Judo Tournament. No in our club knew that for the first time this was also the Wisconsin State Open Judo Champinonships. Seems to us that now there are more WIsconsin State Champions living in Illinois than Wisconsin, but we digress and their NFL team beats ours so time for a little friendly revenge. Kidding aside, the good folks at Wahadachi have close ties to Cohen Brothers as, according to their founder: “Before we started Irwin trained my whole club”. They will always be held in high regard by Cohen Brothers. Below are some choice moments from the tournament.


On November 9th over 360 Contestants from all over the United States, Canada and as far away as Brazil, came to play Judo in Lincolnshire. We had over 80 divisions including cash purses for the elite senior divisions. We hope other tournaments will follow suit. Irwin would’ve been so happy to see our tournament grow so rapidly. It is a testament to him as a man and as a luminary in the Judo universe. We want to extend our sincere and wholehearted thanks to each and every person that attended. We hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed some excellent Judo, of which there was plenty. Kayla Harrison was there as were many other great competitors and fans of our growing sport. For tournament scores click here.

A few visiting Olympians and National Champions, in Chicago for Aaron and Rebecca’s wedding, came to the club to help Aaron and RJ coach a class. Yup, even a momentous day like this isn’t complete without a little Judo.
Please note: One of the factors that makes Cohen Brother’s so special are the coaches. Look below and you’ll see why and you’ll also see what Cohen Kids do at 10am on Saturday mornings.

Judo is one of the safest sports. Statistically it is safer than football, basketball, soccer, skiing, wrestling, boxing, most other martial arts, and even diving. Injuries can happen in any sport, but in Judo serious injuries are rare. There are many reasons for this, among them is the fact that students learn how to fall and land before they learn anything else. Also, the competitive matches are staff intensive with multiple referees & judges for every match. And! At least one doctor is always on hand. A strong mind and a strong body make a strong individual. An individual who knows how to handle adversity and knows that to achieve excellence, to get the best, they have to give their best. This counters pop culture’s unrealistic focus on instant gratification. This is what Cohen Brothers Judo Club is all about: Creating champions! Champions not only on the mat, but also in life. We teach excellence, competitive ethics, diligence, hard work and fun! That’s why we have so many 2nd and even 3rd generation students. Come see for yourself and you’ll learn why we so often say: The family that throws together grows together! Our family is huge and it gets bigger every year. May it be ever thus!
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