1. USA Judo National Scholastic @ Irving, TX

    Moments From Wahadachi 2015 On January 25th 2015 Cohen Brothers went to the Annual Wahadachi Judo Tournament. No in our club knew that for the first time this was also the Wisconsin State Open Judo Champinonships. Seems to us that now there are more WIsconsin State Champions living in Illinois than Wisconsin, but we digress and their NFL team beats ours so time for a little friendly revenge. Kiddi…Read More

  2. Club Video

    Cohen Brothers' Summer Camp 2015 Click Here for Video by Renee Kontos from: the Illinois State Championship Judo Tournament.…Read More

  3. USA Judo 2015 Junior Nationals Indianapolis

    RESULTS ARE IN! A great tournament for Cohen Brothers Juniors Judo Team! We finished with: 11 Gold Medal National Champions, 10 Silver Medalists, 6 Bronze Medalists, and 4 fourth place finishes. The competition was excellent which means there were many close matches. Win or lose our kids heads' were high -- they won or lost like champions which makes us as coaches so proud because character is mor…Read More

  4. Cohen Brothers Achieves Top Honors

    This is a testament not only to our coaches and support staff, but most importantly to our kids, our junior athletes who work and train so hard and also to their parents and families. We thank you all! Two Happy Coaches and Two Happy Champions, Ellie and Sara! Both young women work incredibly hard on top of school and other commitments. As with the vast majority of Cohen Kids, they are a credit to…Read More

  5. Judo’s Championships Fort Laurderdale

    USA Judo's Jr. Open Championships Fort Laurderdale, FL. Results: There were over 650 athletes competing from many countries. We are honored to announce that our club won more medals than any other club in the competition. Additionally, Ben Shavartsman won the USA Judo's Irwin Cohen Award for the most outstanding Judoka of the tournament. Gold Medalists: Mary Minogue Jack Rice Ben Shavartsman Danie…Read More